Coco Boyle has written two novels–Melons and Entangled Bank. The ravenous public is limited to excerpts. Alas. You’re welcome, you cheeky monkeys. You like what you see, gimme a shout. To reprint or disseminate excerpts, please give credit and contact.


Squeak Townsend, his quirky band of sideliners, and the rest of the small, rural town of Sarkeegee, find their summer turned upside down, sideways, and halfway to hell when Summer roars onto main street one Sunday afternoon in her cherry red corvette.

New Adult / Literary Fiction

Entangled Bank

The extinction of a butterfly causes a catastrophic and globalized entanglement. Part scientific love letter, part cautionary tale about the modern society’s consumption and consequence, this novel is all unforgettable.

Literary Fiction/ Experimental / Avant Garde / Biological/ Climate

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