Coco has released three volumes of poetry–Not My Notes, Little Black Book, and Shades of Blue. Feel free to read em, at own risk, whole work below bobbing, ominous icebergs. Her fourth volume, A Twirl of Cocos, is being released winter 2020.

For permission to reprint or disseminate, please contact.

Not My Notes

On scientific principles. On Dobzhansky, melanin, gentamicin, and circadian rhythms. And obviously, love. Cold, shivery, occasionally electric.

Shades of Blue

On inanimate objects, with a sprinkling of moments. Hat stands gots stories. Lemons gots stories. The color blue from the gliderport parking lots gots a surprising amount of narrative stuffed into a single wavelength. Stretches between the thumbs like taffy.

Little Black Book

On lovers. Comprehensive accounting of actual romantic, platonic, and oblique or imagined loves. Exhaustive. Alliterative. Tastes like a damn good sandwich.

UPCOMING Winter 2020


On staying in place, all the bits and bobs of it–the feeling on the back of your neck, the new and old geometry, the cactus patches, the bewildering amount of difference in the exact same things. Baffling. Not a plate of waffles. Like being clapped between the ears with cymbals without the tinnitus.

If parting is such sweet sorrow, does this mean we get dessert now?